Chad Penner

Chad has lived here his whole life and knows this part of Florida better than most people you meet. He knows where you should and should not live or invest. If you have questions, he knows the answers and is forthright about it. He has been involved in over 675 real estate transactions as a Realtor, mortgage lender, or an attorney. Currently as a Realtor and a practicing Real Estate Attorney, Chad has a vast amount of knowledge concerning most real estate dealings along with being able to complete closing all over Florida. Chad specializes in Palm Beach, Martin, and Saint Lucie Counties. Chad has held many positions that have formed his work history and his ethic. From starting up an internet sales department for a large local company to managing a mortgage branch for a major banking institution, it is evident he possesses a skill set that will be an asset to you during your real estate transaction. The paramount role he has played in his past clients' lives was discovering opportunities to guide their future decisions. He has continually gauged his success by the overwhelming gratitude of his past clientele. You will benefit from his experience and insight.